Chris Cashell

Chris Cashell

Senior Vice President Business Unit Services

Chris Cashell is the Senior Vice President of Business Unit Services, a collective group of shared services at WPS, including: Corporate Services, Integrated Shared Services, Operational Training, Project and Portfolio Management, and Workforce Optimization.

Corporate Services supports the organization in the delivery of cost-effective claims processing and customer service solutions.

Integrated Shared Services oversees and manages enterprise technology applications for the WPS business units.

Operational Training consolidates training for all business units to provide cost- effective, best-in-class educational opportunities.

The Project and Portfolio Management Office translates strategic initiatives into a portfolio of projects with the aim to improve organizational performance. Within the PPMO exists Change Management, the liaison between projects and the people side of change, with the objective of smoother transitions.

Workforce Optimization identifies and provides solutions for performance gaps through data analysis.

Chris joined WPS in February 2014 as the Vice President of an emerging Project and Portfolio Management Office. In January 2016, he was promoted to Senior Vice President of Business Unit Services and expanded his responsibility to include the Corporate Services area as well as the Workforce Optimization team. In January 2017, Chris inherited Operational Training, which consolidated trainers from the business units into one department; he also began formation of the Integrated Shared Services team.

Before joining WPS, Chris ran the Project Management Office at Ministry Health Care. He was responsible for all the information technology and business-related projects, with the goal of opening the first all-digital hospital in Wisconsin at St. Clare’s in Weston, near Wausau.

Chris’ career spans multiple industries, including: insurance, manufacturing, service, health care, finance, local government, and utilities. He is renowned for stellar technical, project management, and interpersonal skills. Chris is a proven motivational leader with a talent for developing highly effective and successful individuals and teams.

With a family history of teaching, he has presented at various conferences. He has also developed a Managing Projects Training program, which he has presented at several of the organizations with which he has been involved. Born in England, he finished his education in the United Kingdom and acquired a Diploma in Management Studies through Nottingham Trent University. Chris has lived and worked in the United States since 2000. He is a member of the Executive Advisory Board for the Erdman Center for Operations and Technology Management at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He also is an Advisory Board member for the Wisconsin chapter of Best Buddies International.


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