Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell

Chief Administrative Officer

Craig Campbell joined WPS in an executive role in February 2013. He was elected to the WPS Charitable Foundation Board of Trustees in May 2013.

Prior to joining WPS, Craig worked for Noridian Administrative Services (NAS), a Medicare administrative contractor, beginning in 2005. He was interim president, chief executive officer and chief administrative officer. Craig was instrumental in NAS being awarded significant federal and state government contracts, including Jurisdiction E for the administration of Medicare in California, Nevada, Hawaii, and the U.S. Pacific Territories.

He also was instrumental in the award to build and implement the health insurance exchange for Maryland, pursuant to the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), an exchange that has been recognized as a model for the nation.

While at NAS, Craig was part of the Enterprise Executive Team responsible for development of corporate strategy to respond to the changing health care financing environment resulting from PPACA.

In 2008, Craig was appointed a loaned executive of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) China initiative, implementing joint cooperation agreements with China’s Central Party School and the Counselor’s Office of the State Counsel to compare and contrast health care financing and delivery in the United States with China’s and to develop strategies for China’s aggressive national health care and health insurance reform.

After serving BCBSA, Craig developed and implemented a strategy leading to the first of its kind contract with the Chinese government to implement a pilot project administering the Chinese government’s health insurance claims system experimenting with U.S.-style private administration of government services. He served as the group chairman and chief executive of the Chinese Wholly Owned Foreign Entity, implementing and operating under the contract from April 2009 through December 2012.


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