Scott Kowalski

Scott Kowalski

Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Scott Kowalski was appointed Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for WPS Health Solutions in March 2018. He previously held sales and operations leadership roles for WPS Health Insurance.

He was elected to the WPS Health Plan (Arise) Board of Directors in September 2013 and the WPS Charitable Foundation Board of Trustees in March 2017.

Earlier in his career, Scott worked as WPS Commercial Sales Vice President and then spent a few years in the private practice of law, specializing in estate planning. He maintained his license to sell insurance, using his in-depth knowledge of the insurance business from the industry perspective and as an advisor to clients on health insurance purchases. He rejoined WPS in 2013.

Scott has a diverse professional background. He managed local, regional, and national sales and marketing organizations, and advised clients on complex matters regarding insurance, estate planning, corporate compliance, information technology, and public policy.

Scott graduated from the University of Wisconsin and earned his law degree from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago.


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Madison, WI 53708-8190
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