Meet our Leaders

Mike Hamerlik

Mike Hamerlik

President and Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to the WPS Health Solutions website, and thanks for taking a look at our corporate profile. We have compiled biographies for our top executives at WPS Health Solutions. It’s always good to put a face with a name. As you can see, we have an exceptionally talented leadership team with many years of success. That knowledge lends strength to our entire organization and helps all of our employees deliver the best possible service to our customers and business partners.

Jim Baird

Jim Baird Executive Vice President of WPS Health Insurance

Vicki Bernards

Vicki Bernards Chief Financial Officer

Aaron Call

Aaron Call Chief Information Security Officer

Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell Chief Administrative Officer

Tony Chough

Tony Chough Executive Vice President, System Solutions

Sandi Gardner

Sandi Gardner Chief Technology Officer

Frank Gumina

Frank Gumina Chief Legal and Governance Officer

John Hogan

John Hogan Chief of Staff

Mike Jonasson

Mike Jonasson Senior Vice President, Contract Management

Jane Keller-Allen

Jane Keller-Allen Vice President of Internal Audit, Compliance, and Risk

Scott Kowalski

Scott Kowalski Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Janet Kyle

Janet Kyle Executive Vice President of WPS Government Health Administrators

Dave Marshall

Dave Marshall Chief Business Officer

Rob Palmer

Rob Palmer Vice President of Government Relations

Wendy Perkins

Wendy Perkins Chief Management and Risk Officer

John Stephens

John Stephens Chief Strategy Officer


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