Meet Our Vets: Timothy La Sage

Meet Our Vets: Timothy La Sage

MADISON, Wis.—April. 26, 2019—At WPS Health Solutions, helping veterans has always been a part of our mission. WPS was founded in 1946 in part to help World War II veterans returning to Wisconsin get the affordable health care that they needed.

We remain committed to those who serve our country. At WPS, hiring veterans is a priority. As of last count, we had 125 on our team. We wanted to share some of their stories with you.

Name: Timothy La Sage
Role at WPS: Military Affairs Manager
Hometown: Sussex, Wis.
Time served: 1993-2015
Branch of service: U.S. Marine Corps
Rank: First Sergeant/E8

Q: Why did you join the military? 
A: My father was on a mountain climbing team and I found myself growing up in the outdoors. Mission planning was normal for the climbing trips as well as hunting seasons. The military/infantry seemed like nothing was changing in how I grew up.

Fun Fact: I am the Vice President of the Wisconsin Purple Heart Riders national motorcycle club.



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