Utility showcases WPS for energy-saving efforts

Utility showcases WPS for energy-saving efforts

MADISON, Wis.—June 20, 2018—WPS Health Solutions is featured in a Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) business newsletter for its participation in the On Demand Savings (ODS) and Strategic Energy Management (SEM) programs on the Madison campus.

The programs focus on using data to improve energy management for commercial customers, while also using energy-saving techniques.

"The insights we've gained from ODS and SEM have helped us better understand our consumption and allowed us to strategically set goals to reduce it each year," says Ken Alegria, Maintenance Manager in Facility Operations.

"Being part of ODS and SEM has been a win-win for our company: These programs allow us to be good stewards of our funds and good stewards of natural resources.”

Craig Campbell, WPS Chief Administrative Officer

According to the article in “MGE Talks Business,” WPS is investigating additional energy-efficiency improvements that might be implemented in the future, including:

  •  Switching to LED lighting in the WPS parking structure
  •  Converting to LED lighting (inside) that incorporates both the latest technology in daylight harvesting and motion-sensing capabilities
  •  Converting steam boilers to high-efficiency boilers
  •  Updating air distribution systems to variable air volume systems
  •  Adding variable frequency drives to hot water pumps

To participate in the ODS program, companies must be on a time-of-use electric rate—which means they're billed different rates for using electricity at different times of day, based on system demand—and use at least 20 kilowatts of electricity each month.




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